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If you frequently compare yourself to others, focus heavily on your shortcomings, and are quick to dismiss your accomplishments, then you may be suffering from low-self esteem.

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Men’s Self Esteem Piece

Throughout the last few years, the problem regarding men’s mental health has reached a critical point. It is widely known that men are exceptionally vulnerable when it comes to their mental wellbeing. A cultural stigma has been past down from previous generations of a quiet toughness. Where men are expected to soldier on through life’s woes.

Online Self-Assessment Test

Decades ago, it was not socially accepted for men to be emotionally available. Men lived my the mantra of ‘manning up’ to get by. Woman were seen as the emotional care givers, whilst men were the logical and reason. A rock in signs of turbulence.

Thankfully, the social landscape has changed as we move towards a more open and accepting culture. However, the damage of the previous ideals remain prevalent. So here is a few ways that we must do as men to help lift ourselves out of the mental health struggles that we may find ourselves in.

Develop Emotional Openness

It is so important for us as human beings to have social interaction. To have people we can confide in, to love us and to support us. Yet these relationships can only work if we allow them to. We must keep an open channel of communication between these individuals. This may be a spouse, family member or close friend. When the going gets tough, having these individuals to aid us is vital.

Love Yourself

Online Self-Assessment Test

As Ru Paul famously says, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?” It’s a poignant question that we must address. We must be able to see the positives in our appearance, personality and abilities. We are all unique and brilliant individuals. So we must do our upmost to love ourselves. The time for quiet modesty is over. If you have something you love, flaunt it. You are amazing.

This extends to taking care of yourself too. Keep hygiene levels up, stay fit and healthy. Plus don’t invite stress. You deserve a break every once in a while. So just be mindful.
Find Your Passion

Then lastly, focus on finding your passion. Life can be a slog if you can’t find that one thing above all that gives you joy. This can be sport, writing, games, anything at all that gets you excited for a new day. Plan it into your daily routines and make sure to live each day to the fullest.

Try that new thing. Take that new class. Pick up that old hobby you used to love. We cannot deny happiness when it is so readily available.

If you follow these instructions, we can fight the damaging ideals of the past and win back our mental wellbeing as men. You are in charge of your own mental health. Take charge today and live well.

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